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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Albuquerque for 2019

Top 10 Best Restaurants in Albuquerque for 2019

Best Restaurants in Albuquerque, New Mexico


The New Mexican cuisine is very similar to the local cuisine. It is colorful, unique, delicious and adventurous. As you know, pepper is the basis of most classic dishes in New Mexico. New Mexico has planted peppers for many years, and although it is technically a fruit, there are many variants to change the heat and size. The New Mexico almost described it as a work of art. So unique and difficult to perfect. In fact, red and green peppers are actually made from the same pepper. Pepper changes its flavor and color according to its conditions.

The weather is actually the basis of any red or green pepper. The plants are usually fleshier, while red may be smoked and dry. This is usually the reason why red pepper is always in the puree because it is too dry to be eaten without adding moisture. I know that some tourists will question the fact that we eat peppers every meal. To be honest, that is the only way we can eat.

The beauty of the New Mexican cuisine is that it is perfect for chefs because they can try the incredible unique flavors we offer. When visiting Albuquerque, you should experience a fine meal and don’t be afraid to ask about its origins and inspiration. Our passionate chefs like to talk about cooking no matter the day.



High Noon Restaurant and Saloon

This restaurant in the old town has been serving Mexican cuisine for more than 38 years. The restaurant is housed in a 250-year old Adobe building. Known for its steaks at noon, this restaurant is known as the “Old Town Raw Steak”. For appetizers, I suggest you eat some chili red meat or Kobe meat stick. They also offer a plate of blue corn enchiladas or roast chicken. Seafood dishes are also served in the restaurant, but the meat is undoubtedly the star of the show. There are also a variety of desserts at noon, and of course tequila.

Recommendation and Expert Tips: This elegant restaurant is located in the beautiful and historic Old Town. In this part of Albuquerque, there are plenty of places to walk and shop, so this is an ideal place to go around. Again, the food is so authentic and fresh. You won’t be disappointed.



La Crepe Michel

Bring your French flavor and appetite to this hidden and comfortable place in one of the beautiful alleys on the east side of this historic Old Town Square. Unlike its New Mexico food counterparts, you will be amazed by the quality of this amazing French cuisine. The waiters are very professional and the pronunciation of each menu item is impeccable. You want to be French, but don’t let that stop you from going.

The salad is served with a special Le Crepe Michel balsamic sauce, quiche, crepes and delicious sandwiches (like Croque Monsieur), which is the standard meal on the menu. If the Filet de Boeuf (steak) is a special dish of the day, please entertain yourself and choose between several different delicious sauces.

Recommendation and Expert Tips: La Crepe Michele restaurant serves a selection of authentic French cuisine. This restaurant is small but it is in great demand. I definitely recommend that you make an appointment in advance. Again, this place is located in the old town and offers a great atmosphere for dating.



Bien Shur

At the Sandia Resort and Casino on the 9th floor of the Bien Shur restaurant, dine southwest, enjoy the elegance and enjoy the stunning views of Sandia Hill. Well Shur offers a beautiful restaurant and great service, open for dinner from Tuesday to Saturday. First, consider taking a glass of Southwestern Tequila Shrimp and Cocktail on the rooftop terrace and admiring the views of the pool, golf course and mountains.

White tablecloths and large fireplaces greet you in the cozy dining room. The main course includes a variety of steaks and ribs as well as a variety of seasonings. Other fascinating dishes include Mexican white shrimp, duck fish, chimayo peppers and crispy skin squid, among others. After dinner, you can enjoy dancing and live music at the rooftop lounge.

Recommended Because: The panoramic views of the Albuquerque and Sandia Mountains complement the rich menu and rich wine list make this a great place to dine.

Jake’s Expert Tips: Bien Shur has great buffets for the holidays, like Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day. You can also rent out the restaurant for Christmas parties and many other events.


Indigo Crow

The indigo crow is the epitome of “cool pen”. You can describe this restaurant from the rustic, charming and relaxed atmosphere of the Southwest, with an old-fashioned style that offers delicious contemporary American cuisine with a Southwestern flavor. Choose to dine in the cozy interior with a fireplace during the colder months, or dine al fresco in the charming romantic courtyard while enjoying live music while dining.

In the small room separate from the restaurant, you will find its small and comfortable bar. Try starting with a Mexican chop or a kebab. Dinner options include steak, green fire-roasted chili and gorgonzola cream sauce, grilled squid with red pepper puree, boporano vegetable risotto and blue corn crispy. Open for lunch, dinner and brunch. Special wines and drinks are available.

Recommended Because: The Indigo Crow always offers quality cuisine in the beautiful Corrales area.

Jake’s Expert Tips: Ask about the pre-fixed wine dinners and enjoy the wonderful patio tables during the warm weather.



Scalo Northern Italian Grill

Since 1986, Scalo in the heart of Nob Hill has been serving quality Italian cuisine, steaks, fish and pasta in this modern open-air grill restaurant. Scalo won the Open Table Diner’s Choice Award and the Spectator Excellence Award for choosing wine. In this unique restaurant, you can see Albuquerque’s “Who is Who” and offer lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

The two-story floor plan creates a comfortable and unique ambience from the floor-to-ceiling windows to the pedestrian shoppers or diners in the covered patio. The bar offers a happy hour menu with live music almost every night.

Recommended because: This untraditional Albuquerque restaurant on Nob Hill is a great place to dine and observe people and stroll along this historic Route 66 after dinner.

Jake’s Expert Tips: Check out the Wine & Dine Wednesday where the chef will prepare a very special menu that will be paired with certain wines.



Seasons Rotisserie & Grill

Located in the northern part of the old town of Albuquerque, Seasons Rotisserie and Grill is an elegant restaurant, but modern and casual. Its open kitchen adds to the atmosphere as a backdrop for white tablecloths, wooden floors, large flower arrangements and wine bottles. Try the best grilled dishes, such as veal fillets with blue cheese skin, giant sea scallops and Atlantic oak trout. Seasonal dishes and desserts such as homemade pumpkin clams and four cheese and pumpkin bread puddings. Open for lunch and dinner.

Recommended Because: Modern cuisine with many New Mexico features, as well as a more formal ground floor and top-floor casual outdoor terrace, make this Albuquerque in front of the old town the most popular.

Jake’s Expert Tips: Head upstairs for the Cantina if you are looking for a sports bar environment or relax out on the patio to have a view of Old Town, mountains and live jazz music.


Prairie Star at Santa Ana Golf Club

At the Prairie Star restaurant in Santa Ana, you’ll dine in the old adobe house of the 1940s, where you can experience gourmet food and spectacular scenery with hand-carved wooden details and comfortable corners. Fireplace. Enjoy the recently expanded terrace and bar, which offers a wide selection of wines (over 2,000 bottles). The menu is a new American cuisine, influenced by the fusion of New Mexico and the world.

Popular scallop Margarita main dishes are green pepper, red onion, avocado, cilantro, tequila, lemon and lime juice for $9. The entrance to the smoked cedar waist, smoked duck macaroni and Portobello is a varied menu that encourages returning home. Dinner is served from Tuesday to Sunday. The lawn near the Prairie Star is a popular destination for weddings, corporate events and other private meetings. Located in Santa Ana Pueblo near Bernalillo, 15 minutes north of Albuquerque (I-25 exit, westbound), it is worth driving.

Recommended because: Great food paired with a large list of wine which is served within an amazing structure that has views of Sandia Mountains.

Jake’s Expert Tips: Ensure that you request a window table when you make your reservations in order to catch the amazing sunset on the Sandia Mountains.


Artichoke Café

When entering Artichoke Cafe, his first reaction might be: “I am no longer in Albuquerque” because the atmosphere is like a small, elegant restaurant in New York with elegant decor and artwork. The energy here is very good and it is a professional waiter. Choose an exquisite bar (providing a bar menu or regular menu) sitting in the main dining room, in the back of the wine room or in the next room. The food from Artichoke’s is great.

Of course, there are also artichokes with raspberry balsamic vinegar steamed on the snack menu, as well as other large foods such as tuna and crab cake. The main entrance to the drawer includes duck breast, lamb chops, steak, seafood, and even wild mushrooms and wild boar. The Artichoke Cafe was voted the best restaurant, the most romantic restaurant and the best lunch spot in 2012 by Albuquerque’s weekly Alibi.

Jake’s Expert Tip: The Artichoke Café has two private rooms that seat up to 40 people which make it perfect for private parties.




The Antiquity restaurant in the Old Town is a hidden treasure known to the locals. It is worth mentioning that this is almost a hidden treasure, because customers are very happy to leave this restaurant, very happy. In addition, many couples choose to have a romantic dinner in this place. In the summer, they choose a special table in the yard surrounded by flashing lights. Open for dinner only, the menu chooses high end, mainly meat and seafood. Stir-fried mushrooms or beef carpaccio is an enticing snack for beginners. Spiced shrimp, plus beer, spices, cream and red pepper from New Mexico, are very attractive.

Henry IV is a filet mignon, located on a bed of acacia leaves, and covered with Benas sauce and artichokes, are just mouthwatering. Chateaubriand can be carved next to the table and paired with Béarnaise sauce. Bottled, half-bottled and glass-bodied wines are available, including sparkling wines, French and Italian wines. The restaurant offers different night specials and the chef can even prepare to request. Popular desserts include Polyczenta, caramel pudding, three caramel crepes and chocolate mousse, nothing more. Other dessert specialties are also available.

Jake’s Expert Tip: Be sure to make reservations for this romantic and charming restaurant. Also give yourself some time to stroll Old Town afterwards.


Farm and Table

Farm and Table food comes from local farms and other parts of New Mexico: corn in Santa Ana, beef in Los Lunas and potatoes in Santa Fe. Local beers and wines are accompanied by delicious fresh food such as pork chops with glazed cider and duck breast. Farm soups, salads and small plates are also available. Dinner is only available from Wednesday to Saturday and brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday.

Cherie Montoya Austin grew up in the northern valley of the city’s greenest and most fertile region, Albuquerque, and opened the Farm and Table restaurant, which is clearly a continuation of its values ​​and traditions. The chef prepares a seasonal menu based on the fresh harvest of the day; a concept adopted by today’s environmentally conscious society.

Recommended Because: Tasty, healthy, and creative meals that are served inside of a peaceful setting located in the North Valley of Albuquerque. Whether you are dining under the patio with the fountains or in the cozy adobe, the meals that are served are very memorable, and not just for the setting.

Jakes Expert Tip: This is a rural, and sophisticated setting that is perfect to enjoy a farm to table meal under the sunset of New Mexico. The patio is perfect with the water features and children will enjoy the sandbox areas or exploring the field with parents.



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