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Top 5 Parks in Albuquerque

Top 5 Parks in Albuquerque
5 Parks in the 505 - Albuquerque Moms BlogThis is a real gem, which is tucked away in the deep of the Northeast Heights neighborhood. Quintessence is home to two different play structures, a basketball court, tennis courts, shaded picnic tables, plenty of green space, and a walking path that circles the entire park. There is a beautiful landscape with dedicated parking. The best part is, there are no major roads nearby this quiet neighborhood.

Jerry Cline Park

Jerry Cline Park - Albuquerque Moms Blog

Just across the way from I-40, near Uptown Target, you will find Jerry Cline Park. This Northeast Heights park has a tennis complex that can be seen from the road. However, further exploration of the park will reveal a great play structure that is hidden in a shaded area with a vast green space next to it. There is an extended boardwalk that spans the entire length of the play structure. It is the perfect walkway for toddlers to stretch their legs. There are several picnic tables nearby and the playground is covered by wood chips instead of gravel or sand.

Academy Hills Park

Academy Hills Park - Albuquerque Moms Blog

This is another far Northeast Heights park that has two play structures. One is for toddlers, the other for older children. The play area at Academy Hills Park is sanded. There is also a covered area for picnics. There are a lot of mature trees in a huge green area, this helps boost the appeal of the park. But the best aspect of the park is the one-mile natural trail that runs its length.

Manzano Mesa Park

Manzano Mesa Park - Albuquerque Moms Blog

Located on the grounds of Manzano Mesa Multigenerational Center, this southeast park has clean play structures that are not only new and clean, but layered with wood chips. You will find two separate play structures. There is a lot of shade, many benches that look over the playground, and a covered area for picnics. Lest we forget, a massive green space. There is also the Manzano Mesa Spray park. One downside to this park is there isn’t much to break the wind on windy days. However, Manzano Mesa Park is located close by to Costco.

A Park Above

A Park Above Park - Albuquerque Moms Blog

While this isn’t an Albuquerque park, A Park Above is insanely amazing. On a busy Saturday visit, you may feel overwhelmed with the entire scope of the park and all its options. It is fully inclusive, and accessible. It uses astro turf, with tons of shade. Some of the options is a spray pad, bocce court, swings for kids of all sizes as well as wheelchair accessible swings, dog park, exercise equipment, musical instruments, picnic tables, basketball court, and bathrooms.



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